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How to deliver a shipment if there is no access to the delivery place?

To understand how failed delivery attempts occur, we first need to know how things work in practice and learn a little bit more about how the shipment delivery process works.

The package is delivered to the recipient's address, which must be indicated on the parcel. The recipient is the person who is obliged to provide easy and secure access to his/her address.

Package distribution is an activity for specialized companies, whose goal is to deliver goods in package form in the shortest possible time, in the most efficient and fast way possible. It includes the package collection, transport, delivery of documents, printed materials, packages and other goods.

Conditions of delivery depend on many factors, such as collecting, manipulating, delivering the shipment, and the delivery fee. Participants in the package distribution business are all entities that in any way participate in the package distribution process, from the moment of placing the shipment order to the delivery of the shipment.

Transportation is a crucial element and an essential process in the logistics of any company. Transportation dramatically affects the quality of service execution, the performance of logistics systems and occupies one-third of logistics costs. Transport of goods is necessary for the entire production process, delivery to end consumers, and goods' return.

What happens at a time when a shipment cannot be delivered is a mysterious million-dollar question. This blog post will explain what it means when you receive notification of a failed attempt to deliver a shipment and what should you do if you receive it.

What does it mean when there is no access to the delivery location?

Nowadays, when the need for online sales and purchases increases daily, there are growing demands for transport. This means that any product must arrive at the customer's address in the right condition, at the correct address and right time, which is sometimes a difficult task.

There are several reasons why a package may be labeled "Delivery Attempt - No Access to Delivery Location". One of them may be that access to your address was physically blocked when the courier tried to deliver the shipment to you.

When a courier is directed to the customer’s delivery location to deliver a shipment, there are several possible scenarios:

  1. The place of delivery is correct and the customer is available at the delivery location

Once the courier determines that the delivery place is correct and the customer is available at the delivery location, the package will be delivered. The customer will receive a delivery receipt as proof, and the delivery status will be completed.

  1. The place of delivery is correct, but the customer/recipient is not available at the delivery place

Suppose the address is correct, but the customer/recipient is not available at the delivery place. In this situation, the courier should contact the customer via the contact number listed on the package to schedule delivery when the customer/recipient is available at the place of delivery. Once the customer receives the order, the delivery will be marked as completed.

  1. Incorrect place of delivery (no access to delivery location) and the customer/recipient is not available at the delivery place

Suppose the customer's delivery point is incorrect and the courier does not have access to the delivery point. In that case, the courier should contact the number listed on the package. If the courier still fails to reach the recipient, the delivery status will be marked as not having access to the delivery location.

How does the delivery process work?

When the customer decides to buy the product or chooses another service and places an order, the seller will be automatically notified, pack the product, and prepare for the delivery partner's collection.

For the shipment to arrive successfully and safely, the product must be adequately packaged. Packing goods begins in the warehouse and requires a significant portion of human labor because the goods must be carefully sorted and packed safely to avoid damage.

The term delivery means the transfer of property or ownership from one person to another. As in any other business, there is a delivery risk that the seller will not fulfill the obligation to deliver the shipment. Before delivery, shipments are collected at sorting centers and sent to the destination centers from which they are delivered to the recipient. The next step is the physical distribution, i.e., the transport of shipments.

Find out how the whole process of sending a shipment works in the article The Shipping Life Cycle: From Sender to Recipient.

The transport company offers a wide range of services to ensure that shipments are transported to the right place and at the right time. One of the services is to contact the shipper before arriving at the destination so that the customer can pick up his package.

Although the process of delivering a shipment seems very simple at first glance, couriers have to deliver a large number of packages every day. Unpredictable situations can often occur during delivery, which can slow down or complicate the delivery process. One of them is the unsuccessful delivery attempt due to a lack of access to the delivery point.

What to do if you receive a notification instead of a shipment?

Delivery of the shipment is the last step in the technological process of consignment transfer and means delivery to the recipient. Sometimes a package cannot be delivered because the delivery address was incorrect or there was no one at the address, access to the location was disabled due to a parked vehicle, accident, adverse weather conditions, or the courier found it unsafe to leave the package unattended.

In most cases, you will find a delivery failure notification. The delivery attempt should also be visible in your logistics provider's network tracking system.

If 24 hours have passed since you received the “No access to delivery location” message, then it’s time to do something - send an email or call the delivery center and schedule a re-delivery. The service may include a second delivery attempt after a failed delivery. Based on the information received from the sender or recipient, the package can be delivered to the original address or a new address, but at a different delivery time.

Contact the sender

Depending on the delivery company, if you have provided the correct contact information, the courier will try to contact you immediately if they cannot find your address. If they fail to contact you before they leave the area, your delivery may be delayed.

Alternatively, suppose they cannot contact the recipient. In that case, the courier may contact the package sender and ask for confirmation of the recipient's exact address. Due to the scope of the work, such a scenario is less likely.

Contact the warehouse

If the courier isn't provided with a business phone to contact you, he/she has to reach the warehouse and determine the details of your package. Warehouse staff will try to contact you to determine the exact package address. If it is not possible to reach the packet's sender or recipient, the packet will be returned to the warehouse.

When preparing the shipment, it is essential to find the correct information (if you are the sender) and provide the accurate information (if you are the recipient). This is important to avoid additional costs due to a change in delivery to another date or another address.

After a failed delivery attempt, the recipient will be notified and can choose one of the next delivery options - delivery to a new address, delivery at another time, personal collection of the shipment, or some other option, depending on the company doing the delivery.

Every company has different practices for dealing with such situations. For example, one of the largest players in the market, Amazon, has its way of handling this. When no one is present at the delivery location, Amazon courier can leave the package at your desired safe location, if you have previously indicated that location when ordering on their website. If delivery must be made only in the recipient's presence, Amazon will send an electronic notification to the customer’s email address. Amazon couriers usually have three attempts to deliver a shipment in 3 consecutive business days. The package will be sent back to Amazon if a third delivery attempt fails.

Distribution and logistics are significant activities in today's world. Without the distribution network, we would not be able to get the necessary things quickly. Decisions in distribution channels are one of the most critical decisions in a company.

Nowadays, there are a lot of companies that deal with package delivery. The goal is to deliver the package to the user in the fastest and best possible way at the lowest cost. This is the recipe for the company to survive in the market and create a sustainable competitive advantage.

The competition is fierce, so it is more challenging for companies to survive in such a market. Some companies try to stay competitive by providing additional services, and some lower the service price.

An efficient service requires the most modern infrastructure. This service includes fast, safe, affordable and guaranteed delivery of packages to the destination to shorten the delivery time and increase customer satisfaction.

Advantages of the Hubbig digital logistics platform

Your shipment may have traveled the world successfully, but when it comes to the final stage of travel - delivery, the courier needs to find the exact address and deliver the shipment.

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With the Hubbig digital service, you can be sure that each shipment will arrive at the desired destination and at the required time. Digitize your business and in a few clicks, choose the service that suits all your needs!

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Jackson Devlin
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I had a great experience with Yorkville Movers company. The team was prompt, courteous, and handled my shipment with precision. What impressed me the most was their attention to detail and the care they took in ensuring that my items were delivered safely.

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