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Sea Transport

Find your sea and transport just a click away

As specialists in sea transport shipping, we take pride in our commitment to delivering unparalleled services, ensuring your cargo reaches its destination seamlessly. With a reputation built on reliability and efficiency, we stand out as leaders in the maritime industry.

Our Expertise

We specialise in providing top-notch sea transport solutions tailored to meet your unique shipping needs. Whether you're moving goods across the ocean or coordinating complex logistics, our team of seasoned professionals is dedicated to ensuring your cargo arrives safely and on time.

Partnering with the Best

We understand that the key to successful sea transport lies in collaboration with the industry's leading ship owners. That's why we're proud to be in partnership with renowned names like Maersk, CMA-CGM, MSC, EVERGREEN, and other distinguished ship owners. Our strategic alliances with these industry giants enable us to offer you a comprehensive range of shipping options and access to a global network that spans every corner of the 


Why Choose HUBBIG?

1. Unrivalled Expertise

Our team comprises seasoned professionals with a wealth of experience in sea transport logistics. We leverage our expertise to streamline the shipping process, providing you with efficient and cost-effective solutions.

2. Global Reach

Through our partnerships with major ship owners such as Maersk, CMA-CGM, MSC, EVERGREEN, we offer you unparalleled access to a vast fleet of vessels, ensuring your cargo can reach any destination worldwide.

3. Cutting-Edge Technology

Staying ahead in the fast-paced maritime industry requires cutting-edge technology. We employ the latest advancements to track, monitor, and optimise your shipments, providing real-time updates and enhancing overall transparency.

4. Commitment to Sustainability

We recognise the importance of sustainable practices in today's global landscape. HUBBIG is committed to environmentally responsible shipping, incorporating eco-friendly initiatives to minimise our ecological footprint.

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