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Terms of Conditions

HUBBIG d.o.o. is a limited liability company with the company registration number 4806735 and VAT number HR01968403237, which operates a web-based platform for online booking of freight transportation HUBBIG d.o.o., Avenija Dubrovnik 15, 10020 Zagreb, Croatia, VAT ID: HR01968403237, Company Registration No.: 4806735, IBAN: HR6624020061100847863 (ERSTE BANK, BIC: ESBCHR22).


HUBBIG acts as a commissioner, not a freight forwarder. By placing an order on our platform, the Client authorizes HUBBIG to place an order for transport services on behalf of the Client, acting as principal, with one of the logistic companies selected by the Client on the platform which are in a contractual relationship with HUBBIG. HUBBIG ensures that the selected partner meets the requirements for the services ordered. HUBBIG does not perform the transport of shipments and is not responsible for the selection of logisticians or the fulfillment of their obligations. Logisticians conduct the pick-up, transport and delivery of the shipment, organize transport and are responsible for the execution of the freight transport service.

At the request of the Client, HUBBIG must cede all claims and rights arising from transactions entered for its own behalf, on behalf of the Client, including claims under the jurisdiction of the selected logistics service provider, in the case of failure to perform or improper performance of logistics services.

Any additional costs incurred as a result of the Client's additional requests made to the selected logistics service provider or due to customs procedures shall be solely borne by the Client that is the contracting entity of the freight transport. HUBBIG reserves the right to request that the Client reimburse any costs incurred by HUBBIG at the Client's request, even if those costs were incurred after the completion of the logistics service.

The Client, i.e. the consumer, expressly agrees to waive the right to cancel the contract with HUBBIG after HUBBIG has submitted the order details to the selected logistics provider. HUBBIG shall not accept orders from unauthorized dealers and reserves the right to unilaterally cancel all orders from unauthorized dealers.

In accordance with its internal policies and procedures, HUBBIG manages the authorization procedures of individual dealers. Any dealer may submit a written request for initiation of said procedure.


All delivery times are indicative and not guaranteed. By accepting these General Terms and Conditions, the Client accepts and agrees that many external circumstances may cause delays in shipment pick-up or delivery.

In the event of a delay, HUBBIG shall in no case be liable for any damages resulting from the delay and shall not be liable for settlement of the obligation or costs incurred as a result of the delay. HUBBIG is under no obligation to pay any delay fees nor cover any costs associated therewith.


3.1. Insurance, Liability And Value Covered By Insurance

HUBBIG operates an online freight booking platform acting as commissioner and not as a freight forwarder. HUBBIG is solely responsible for the placement of reliable partners and never for the transportation itself.

HUBBIG does not operate as an insurance company. All transportation orders are insured in accordance with the Convention on the Contract for the International Carriage of Goods by Road (CMR) if the contracting entity chooses a trucking service, or in accordance with the Bill of Lading if they choose maritime transport, or an AWB document if they choose air transport.

If the value of the contents of the shipment is higher than the value covered by the insurance, the Client has the option of purchasing additional insurance directly through our platform. Supplementary insurance should be selected at the time of ordering and will be calculated in accordance with the value of the goods specified by the Client in the inquiry.

In case of any damage or loss, HUBBIG shall assist the Client in filing a complaint through the system. The decision on the eligibility of the insurance payment shall be accepted solely by the insurance company.

The right to insurance payment cannot be exercised in the following cases:

  • improper packing

  • unconventional shipments

  • transport of prohibited items and objects (as defined in Article 3.2 of the Terms of Use) the submission of which is not recommended without prior notice to HUBBIG

  • the transport of electronic devices (such as TVs, mobile phones, computers and other electronic equipment) outside of their original packaging; in case of missing or damaged shipment, in order to initiate a complaint procedure, the Client must submit their own photographs of the electronic devices in their original packaging taken before the shipment was sent

  • the complaint procedure is not supported by valid and correct documentation regarding the accurate value of the damaged or missing shipment. Correct and valid documentation implies the original invoice of the goods sent in the shipment (VAT rate and amortization shall be appropriately calculated and deducted from the final price of the shipment)

  • misplaced shipments, which occurs when the wrong labels are attached to the shipments

  • damage caused by terrorism, natural disasters

  • if the Client did not provide sufficient evidence (photographic or written material) to prove the shipment to be in perfect condition prior to pick-up

  • if the User violated these General Terms and Conditions in any way

3.2 Prohibited Items

By accepting these General Terms and Conditions, the Client agrees to the list of prohibited items listed below and declares that they shall not send items on this list or any items that are prohibited to be sent under the General Terms and Conditions of the selected logistician or pursuant to the valid law in the country of pick-up or delivery.

The Client undertakes not to send stolen goods or goods which are not in free circulation in accordance with the applicable legislation.

HUBBIG prohibits sending jewelry, gold, antiques, paintings, human remains and human organs. However, if the Client should choose to send any of the prohibited items, they shall be the only party liable for any damages and costs incurred.

Prohibited items also include any dangerous goods and substances which require special permits, special handling or special documentation in order to be transported.

Some cases of prohibited items:

  • animals, animal products and animal remains

  • weapons and ammunition

  • dangerous substances and hazardous objects

  • flowers and other plants

  • human remains and urns

  • illegal items

  • medical samples

  • items that require a temperature-controlled environment

  • pornography

  • prescription drugs and other pharmaceuticals

  • tobacco and alcoholic beverages

  • food and foodstuffs (including food in liquid form)

  • aerosols and perfumes

  • items of greater value

  • objects of sentimental value

  • documents, cash, credit cards, vouchers and tickets

  • precious metals, precious stones, jewelry, watches, pearls, fur, rugs, carpets, watches, antiques, artwork

  • other fragile/brittle items

  • items that may damage other cargo during transportation

  • regarding air transport: any lithium-ion and lithium-metal shipments are considered prohibited goods in accordance with Regulation (EC) No. 300/2008 of 11 March 2008 and its implementing regulations as amended from time to time

  • shipments of goods which must comply with the European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road (ADR), transported as dangerous goods. The selected courier company reserves the right to refuse handling shipments the contents of which are considered dangerous or harmful or if there is a possibility that the shipment contains any pests, or if the shipment poses a hazard to other objects. Should the Client submit such a shipment, the selected courier company reserves the right to remove dangerous items or otherwise handle the shipment without prior warning at the Client's expense. The Client waives their right to make any claim towards the selected logistics company and/or HUBBIG for payment of fines, expenses or damages


If the route chosen by the User includes a country that is not a member of the European Union at the time of ordering, the Client is aware and agrees to the following:

  1. The Sender shall be responsible for supplying the original or a copy of the original commercial invoice or any other document required by the logistics company and/or the customs authorities. Should any customs authority require additional documentation for the purpose of verifying the import/export declaration, it is the responsibility of the Sender to provide the requested documentation at their own expense.

  2. The original or a copy of the original commercial invoice should not include VAT on the price distribution.

  3. In case the documentation is not provided or does not comply with regulations, the logistician may refuse to take over or even return the shipment back to the Sender with additional costs which shall be borne solely by the Client.

  4. The Sender acknowledges that all statements and information relating to the export and import of the shipment are true and correct and acknowledges that, should they provide untruthful or false statements about the shipment or any of its contents, this may give rise to a civil claim and/or criminal prosecution and penalties that include seizure and sale of the shipment.

  5. To the extent that we can voluntarily assist the Client in completing the necessary customs-related and other formalities, such assistance shall be provided at their own risk. You agree that you will not hold us liable for any claims that may be brought against us arising from the information you provide to us and from any costs we may incur in connection therewith, and agree to pay any administrative fee we may charge you for providing the services described in this condition.

  6. All customs duties, taxes (including, but not limited to VAT, if applicable), penalties, storage costs or other costs incurred by HUBBIG as a result of actions taken by customs or other governmental authorities or failure by the Sender or Recipient to provide appropriate documentation, shall be charged to the Buyer or Recipient. In the event that HUBBIG decides to charge the Recipient and the Recipient refuses to pay the costs incurred, the Buyer hereby agrees to cover those costs together with our compensation, as well as any additional costs we might bear.

  7. The Sender confirms that the content of the shipment is not restricted by IATA, ICAO, IMDG or ADR and that it does not contain prohibited substances and, should they form a part of the content of the shipment, the Buyer is obliged to inform the logistician thereof prior to their acceptance through the Order on the platform.

  8. The logistician may refuse to perform the pick-up in the event that the service cannot be provided for any reason beyond the control of HUBBIG, such as remote locations or sanctions imposed in the country of pick-up (embargo).

  9. We will endeavor to expedite all formalities regarding customs clearance of your shipment, however, we are not responsible for any delays, losses or damage caused by intervention or activities performed by customs officers or other government bodies.

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