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How to quickly and successfully send a package abroad?

Shipping products, goods and cargo abroad is by no means easy, but if done correctly, it can be a rewarding and profitable business.

The transport of goods between countries takes place for several reasons, but the main reason is the rapid growth of online trade. That’s why international trade is key to a successful business.

If you want to compete in a growing global market, international delivery is an essential part of staying competitive in your perspective industry.

The export economy is quite tempting, and shipping products abroad is a great way to expand and diversify your business. Exports can help increase the customer base, boost competitive advantage and expand the market to other countries.

While thinking about international delivery, it is reasonable to feel a certain level of concern. People often worry about whether the buyer on the other side of the transaction is legitimate, whether the goods will get stuck at customs and whether they will be paid for delivery.

The good news is that there are several tools and resources available today to help you deliver your package overseas.

In this article, we bring you some tips for successfully sending packages abroad.

What steps precede sending a shipment abroad?

When sending a package abroad, it is important to distinguish who is in charge of what in the process of managing and sending foreign shipments.

Hire a customs broker or freight forwarder to avoid the high fees and costs of misfiling paper. The customs broker and freight forwarder have experience and market knowledge on cargo shipment to specific ports or terminals.

Here you can find out more about the role of freight forwarders in the international transport of goods.

The person who will arrange the shipments for you is the freight forwarder. The freight forwarder does not move the goods. He acts as an expert in the logistics network, contracting transport with carriers and providing the best and safest way for cargo to safely reach its destination.

The freight forwarder will combine several smaller shipments into one larger one to take advantage of better tariffs.

International freight forwarders mainly perform activities related to international shipments and manage foreign purchases. They are also experts in the preparation and processing of customs and other necessary documentation.

What do you need to know when sending a package abroad?

Determine what and where you send

This is the first and most important rule of international delivery, especially when it comes to filling out a commercial invoice. Be as precise as possible when filling out the customs form and describe in detail what exactly you are sending (number of units and the total value of the shipment).

When sending a package overseas, the most important thing is to convey what exactly you are shipping.

All these details and information are crucial so that customs officers can apply the correct classification to the shipment, which will allow you the easiest way to enter your overseas market.

If the declared value does not correspond to the goods or is not sufficiently descriptive, the products are more likely to be retained at customs, leading to delays and higher shipping costs.

Indicate to whom you are sending and estimate the cost

When filling out a commercial invoice, always include complete and accurate contact information for the consignee.

When you ship goods abroad, the costs can be very high. Estimate the total shipping cost, known as the destination cost, and decide who pays the insurance, customs, taxes, and shipping. You should agree on these issues with the recipient before sending the package.

Pay attention to the estimated package delivery time

With international shipping, the most common question is, "Which is the cheapest way to ship?". It all depends on the delivery time. The faster you want the package to arrive at its destination, the higher the shipping costs.

Don't think of shipping solely as a business expense but as a process that will bring you an improved user experience and benefits for your brand and company.

Observe import or export restrictions

When importing or exporting abroad, keep in mind that many markets have restrictions on goods that can be imported into or exported from a country. If you don’t follow local laws, chances are you’ll face heavy fines.

There are various methods of international shipment, including sea and air freight. Both ways have their advantages and disadvantages, including the speed, cost, and safety of different containers.

Shipping containers around the world may seem complicated, but at Hubbig, we make it easier for our customers.

What is the procedure for sending a package?

Easily send packages in just a few steps and without paperwork:

Image 1. Transportation search on the Hubbig platform

If the process of sending an international package is demanding, Hubbig is here to help and make your job easier.

Prepare your international shipping package in just a few simple steps. If you don't have an account yet, you need to register first.

The app guides you to prepare your shipment for sending and allows you to track the cargo and access all essential documents.

To get started, open the website. Click "Get started" in the upper right corner. You can now choose between "Request a quote" or "Go to market".

The "Request for route" option offers routes with pre-defined prices and transit times, provided by our partners. The second option, "Go to market", provides the possibility to post a standard or special inquiry on our Marketplace.

Your inquiry will be visible to all of our partners, who will give you an ideal offer within the given deadline. After that, you can choose which offer suits you the best.

The app offers you a range of available delivery options and transparent prices on a smart account with no hidden cost.

For the "Request the quote" option, where you can search for predefined bids, follow these steps:

In a simple form, first set cargo locations - origin and destination. Then enter the details of the package - what you need to transport (CBM, container, pallet, bulk), dimensions, or total volume or weight of the parcel and the date of shipment.

Enter other specifications: the cargo value and the type of cargo you are sending. You can also set additional services if you need customs clearance or cargo insurance.

Click on "Get a quote" and choose the best and most acceptable offer according to your preferences.

Image 2. Package specifications

The steps are simple and very similar in the "Go to market" option, where you can submit a request to the market:

You also need to enter information about the cargo locations (city and exact address), the type of cargo, its value, dimensions and weight. As with the "Request the quote" option, you can choose the insurance or customs clearance.

After you enter all the specifications, click on the "Publish" button and wait for the ideal offer that best suits your criteria depending on the price, transit time, and logistics review.

In case you are not sure about choosing the optimal option for transporting your package, you can always contact us by email or phone number +385 1 2032 916.

How to successfully deliver a package abroad?

One of the essential processes in a package distribution is transportation. Transport infrastructure consists of several installations, including roads, railways, air and water lines, and seaports.

When sending a package overseas, it is essential to consider how fast you want it to arrive. International delivery time varies depending on the mileage and the means of transport, one of the most critical items in the shipping process.

International air transport

If you want fast and efficient delivery, you should choose air transportation.

A freight forwarder performs tasks for the export of goods by air. According to the applicable customs regulations, all products and documents must be declared and must have a commercial invoice.

A commercial invoice is a document required for customs clearance of goods in the country of export and import. Each shipment has its position number with date, route and transport information. Customs formalities are required for all goods.

Shipping rules and customs regulations vary depending on the country to which you export or import the products.

Sea and rail transport

Sea and rail transport are an indispensable part of foreign trade. Unlike air transport, they are a much cheaper way of transporting goods. When choosing rail freight and sea transport, you can send goods in FCL or LCL containers.

What does full container transport (FCL) mean and how to send your cargo abroad?

International shipping by container

Global shipping companies offer the following standard container sizes: 20-foot container, 40-foot container, and 40-foot high cube-container.

FCL transport

FCL is the name of a full container transport service that allows you to order a full container for your shipment. To place an order, you need to choose one offer that best fits you with the price and transit time. Once you confirm the order, our partners will contact you via the platform.

LCL transport

If your cargo isn’t urgent and you don’t want to pay high airfare, you probably need an LCL transportation solution.

LCL is the name of a groupage container transport service that allows you to determine exactly how many cubic meters you need. On Hubbig you can send packages of at least one cubic meter (1m3).

Enter the dimensions and weight of your cargo to get the optimal price according to the price and transit time criteria. Once you which offer suits you the best, our partners will contact you via the platform.

Road transportation

Road transport involves the use of motor vehicles. It is more flexible than other forms of transportation and does not require any specialized machinery or equipment.

LTL transport

Groupage truck transport allows you to transport goods in smaller amounts packed on pallets.

If you need to transport the number of goods that require leasing the entire vehicle, we offer an FTL transport service. Depending on your needs, on Hubbig you will find multiple types and sizes of vehicles.

Not sure about international shipping terms? Learn more about the new INCOTERMS rules.

Why should you choose a digital freight forwarder?

If you need to send a shipment or package abroad, you are in the right place. Hubbig connects truckers, shipping companies and airlines directly with customers. The cargo on board, by truck and during customs clearance is available to the users via computer.

Align delivery needs with the best logistics solution. Our expert team will help you with the shipment and provide all the support you need at any stage of package delivery.

The logistics processes are quite complex and extensive. Different countries require different documents and charge different fees. We want to make it easier for clients to find their way and give them everything they need.

Hubbig has the necessary systems to handle all aspects of international shipping and dispatch.

We have implemented the safest international transport strategy and identified reliable partners. With our knowledge and experience, we will determine your needs and offer you the most suitable services for a practical and customized solution for all your shipping requirements.

Find where you can send to and where you can receive shipments from so you can choose the service that best suits your needs.

Do you have a package ready to send abroad? With Hubbig, international shipping is more convenient than ever before. Try it and see for yourself!



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